Sunday, August 1, 2010

Setting sail over the crystal blue Mediterranean from the Sorrentian port led three travelers to embark on their own journey around the Isola Di Capri.  As the three stepped ashore, they were quickly overcome with temptations from Poseidon to venture out again into the briny sea.  The three young adventurers were struck with inspiration from the Muses and quickly crafted a water vessel worthy of Jason and his crew.  With Oceanus on his side, Alexandros took the helm and had Tomakles acting as his right hand man.

The safety of the sailors was not certain, but Phorkys waved to the three as they began their circumnavigation of the new land, which they took as a good omen.  However, they could not take this gesture lightly with Scylla and Charybdis looming straight before them.  The three prayed to Hera with Jessichia leading the sacrifice.  Hera heard their prayer and calmed the waters as a sure sign that the three heroes could safely sail through the monsters.  Still yet, the three were still uncertain of their fate.  The final test still stood ahead of them: passing the Gates of the Underworld disguised as Green and Blue Grottos.  In such a heroic fashion, the three sailed through the gates, boldly venturing without Charon’s guidance, and successfully returned to the mortal realm.

As they approached the port from which they left, they landed at the Baths of Emperor Tiberius where they were greeted with open arms by all.  Tiberius laid out a great banquet before them for their success.  The three ate, drank, and were merry.

*Yes, I know I unfortunately mispronounced “Capri” in the video, which is a shame.  I happened to pronounce it correctly in all the other takes, but this was the best one.  Secondly, I wanted to add a correction to the dating of my baths: Tiberius ruled between 14 and 37AD and retired to Capri in 26 AD, so those baths most likely date between 26 and 37AD.


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