Wedensday, July 21, 2010

Melfi is the biggest town within a 20 km radius of Rionero, where the finds of the region happily sit in a great archaeological museum.

Who said it rarely rained in Southern Italy?  The Vulture Valley saw much rain in the first three days of my arrival, which meant that the site was too saturated to do any work today.  Instead, the whole group of participants took a train to the nearby town of Melfi to see the archaeological museum for the Vulture area.  Many artifacts in the museum actually came from the site on which we work, Torre degli Embrici.  The day was full of sight-seeing, pizza eating, and gelato loving in the small Southern Italian town.

On the return to Rionero, we had a large group lunch–the first Italian dining experience for some, including myself.  Unfortunately, I was not hungry, so I settled for an espresso.


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