With only 45 minutes in Naples, I did what any sensible person would do, i.e. leave the train station to find the nearest pizzeria.  Taking this action has probably been the smartest thing I have done so far in Italy.  The pizza was absolutely phenomenal.  The tomatoes had the most complex flavor I have ever encountered: sweet, tangy, beefy… I did not understand the delicious nature of what I was consuming.  The experience can only be explained by the intervention of Dionysos, himself.  That being said, I hope to venture into Naples again to explore the historical areas of the city, as well as the archaeological museum.


After leaving the Villa of Oplontis, I had my second chance to visit Naples.  This time, I managaed to travel through the historical section of the city en route to the National Archaeological Museum.  Along the way, I enjoyed my second Neapolitan lunch, Brioce al ragu e penne al carmine.  Bravo!  After lunch, our happy little group of four arrived at the museum and were able to see many famous pieces that I have posted below.  Unfortunately, four or five of the exhibits in the museum were closed so I did not get to see everything I had hoped; but I still managed to satisfy myself with finally seeing some pieces that I had seen in countless books.


Travel News

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