Rionero is a picturesque Southern Italian town located in Basilicata Italy.  The natural beauty of the mountainous and fertile region generates a breathtaking sensation whenever one looks over the horizon.  Running water from the springs trickling and crashing down various hills provide an alternative to counter the lack of any nearby large body of water.

Rionero is where I spend about 75% of my time.  It’s a quaint town stretching from the slopes of Mt. Vulture to gentle hills near Atella.  I spend most of my time working: excavating, surveying, analyzing and drawing pottery, etc.  There are a few occasions where I have a couple of spare hours to venture into the city.  Enjoy the pictures below to gather a sense of how the town and the 45 minute walk to and from the town look like.

Many inhabitants in Rionero know about the project that we are doing.  This is beneficial to us and them.  They view the archaeological work as a way to bring fame to their small town, so they treat us with much hospitality.  Richard Fletcher, the site director, has also developed a great rapport with all the Rionerians which helps all those working on this project to be positively accepted by the community here.  An example of this hospitality can be seen from a local shop owner of a mobile store named Nino.  (I will work to have a picture of him up eventually.)  He is extremely friendly and enjoys helping us out in every way he can; for instance, recommending restaurants and following us to the restaurant so he can speak with the owner to ensure that his “amici” have a great experience.  He does not stop there, but also will drive us back to the dig house if it gets too late.  Richard has said that this hospitality is characteristic of Southern Italians.  This is certainly correct as I have noticed and experienced the help and friendliness of countless people.  Nino is only a single example.


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