Villa of Oplontis

Villa of Oplontis

Today the two groups, the Norwegians and Americans, rejoined and traveled a similar road up to the rail station.  The only difference being in the destination, the Villa of Oplontis, a lovely preserved villa that sat sits near the coast of Campania, relatively close to Pompeii.  The villa is much smaller than the previous two preserved sites we visited ultimately lent itself to a greater opportunity for detailed exploration.  As you’ll be able to see below, the villa is filled from one end to the other with fabulous mosaics, courtyards, indoor and outdoor garden areas, a large pool, baths, and guest spaces.
The villa was in use as an otium villa, meaning that its use was as a vacation home for a wealthy Roman family.  In this case, the villa is said to have belonged Poppea, the wife of Nero.  After Nero’s death in 68AD, the villa exchanged ownership and underwent renovations.  These renovations lasted for 11 years before they reached their permanent final state.


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